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Where Have You Shown Leadership?

Sherwood Bond Campaign


Key Highlights:

  • Create a team to help get the bond passed.  Yes, Abby Hawkins, who is running against me was on that team and a valuable part of the successful passage.

  • Develop and implement an overall strategy for passing the bond.

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Help citizens understand why a bond was necessary and what exactly the district needed.

  • Work with the district union's to get support and help promote the bond.

  • Reach out to key stakeholders and organizations to build relationships and networks for getting the word out.

  • Organize gatherings and events to educate the public.

Sherwood Youth Soccer Board

Vice President

Director of Soccer Programs

Key Highlights:

  • Create programs that are open to all children, promote a positive environment, help players learn how to play and make it fun.

  • Provide resources and support to volunteer coaches so that they can create the best experience possible for players.

  • Help resolve issues as they occur, whether it relates to coaches, players or parents.

  • Work together with other board members to provide the direction and support necessary for the club to be successful.

  • Help create and monitor a budget to assure appropriate spending of funds.

Westside Timbers Development Program

Head Coach and Program Manager

Key Highlights:

  • Create a welcoming environment where young players get a chance to develop their skills, be part of a team, learn to compete with respect and professionalism while having fun doing all of it.

  • Manage a team of coaches who look to be positive role models and support their players and the program in general.

  • Create a curriculum for maintaining organized and constructive practices.

  • Communicate with club management and parents to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Home Owners Associations Board




Key Highlights:

  • Work with homeowners to help protect the investment in their home.

  • Handle challenging situations with neighbor arguments, dues increases, rules violations, etc.

  • Work with the city when necessary.

  • Balance living with the people who may not see things the same way!

Business Owner

I am a business owner in the company that my grandfather started back in 1954.  I manage our Corporate office and handle all of our IT.  With 20 locations across 7 states, my job and responsibilities require significant leadership.

Being A Dad

Even with all of the time I spend in the community, my top priority will always be to my kids.  Being a father is extremely important to me.  Time sure flies by and I try my best to spend as much time with my family as I can.  I look to be a good role model.  I also want to be a loving husband and father.  I am far from perfect, but I am doing the best I can.

These are some challenging times.  There are many different opinions and people have many ways of expressing them.  Before placing myself in such a public role, my first question was to make sure my wife was okay (not hard as she pushed me to run) and the next question was to ask each of my children if they were up to the task.  As I have learned from being part of other boards, people can really drop the hammer on you.  I have learned the mantra very well, "Don't mess with other people's children".  That goes double for the mama bear.  Some have questioned my sanity for stepping up.

Fortunately, my wife and kids understood, if elected, that people see things differently (which is good), but not all people handle things in a professional manner.  In this day and age we tend to resort to sniping in social media and have lost the fine art of listening and debating with the core intent to be learning more about others and trying to understand where someone is coming from instead of preparing our defensive reply.

With all of this said, I will dedicate myself to this job using some of the key principles that I have tried to instill in my own children.  Be honest.  Be respectful.  Be kind.  Help those in need.  Give it 100% and do your best.

In the end, if elected, I know there will be decisions I am involved in that some won't like.  All I can assure you is that I will hear out both sides, gather as much information as possible and make a decision that I feel is best for our Sherwood kids.  That is the bottom line, we need to be doing what is best for their education.

Leadership Job #1

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